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Are we brave enough to live in the mystery,
not the addiction to finding answers.

What if our reality is not what we think? Death different from what we see? Beauty more complex than we observe? Our small choices significant beyond our imagination? What if what we think we know is wrong? Or merely the tip of a way cooler iceberg?

What if we became radically receptive?

What does that even mean...

rad·i·cal adj \ra-di-kl\ 1) of, relating to, or proceeding from a root and/or origin 2) very different from the usual or traditional 3) slang, excellent, cool

re·cep·tivity n \ri-sep-tiv-i-ty 1) able or inclined to receive; open/ responsive to ideas, impressions, or suggestions 2) of a sensory end organ: fit to receive/ transmit stimuli

Perhaps radical receptivity is being open… to our roots, our place of origin… our inner voices, primal drives, discarded childhood dreams, mythological archetypes. Maybe it is about becoming an open circuit board for impressions. Not just for FB posts and Twitter feeds but unusual ideas like the wisdom of trees, the curiosity of children. Ideas, impressions, feelings we've become too busy or numb to see, hear, taste, smell, touch - feel.

Modern science is catching up with Eastern religion in acknowledging the connectedness of all things. It is a radical departure from where we are now, but not from where we began - when we gathered and hunted only what we needed. It demands a radical shift in perspective.  Will we be receptive?

Are we radical enough to be the change we seek? Brave enough to live in the mystery, not the addiction to finding answers? Bold enough to be receptive to what we need? To being still? Being awake? Being?

What if we softened our gaze? Removed time from the equation? Bent productivity until it became prisms of sky and ocean? Looked at lines, bottom and top, as mere details in a three hundred and sixty degree work of natural art?

What if we became radically receptive to the beauty all around us? The love? How we see it? What we offer it? How we are it.

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This begins to address the concept of home but is far from exhaustive. The links below provide a fuller picture but again – limited. It is a living, breathing concept brought to life most fully, only by our individual personal experience with it. It is merely cognitive until we make it more.

Glenn Schloss View Statement

You might not be aware of it, but it's there. Silent. Ticking. Beating. Pulsing. Shifting. Moving tempos throughout the course of your day. The beating pulse that resonates directly from your heart. But are we paying attention? Are we truly awake or are we half asleep? There is a rhythm and a creative fire within all of us that goes largely unnoticed throughout much of our conscious waking day because of static and interference with the outside world. We negotiate with traffic and internet connections on a daily basis making it difficult to just step back and listen inward.

What if you could set yourself free from the noise?

Listen in silence to your heart beat that is radically receptive and open to infinite creation. A space to focus on the silence, the chaos, the unevenness and the steadiness that make up your personal rhythm. A radically delicious and receptive soul groove.

Arrive in silence, leave your words at the door and RIDE THE WAVE

Awaken your mind,body, spirit and groove.
Four Vibrations.

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Radical Receptivity

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On Artistic Intersections : Holly Brigham

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